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BALI, INDONESIA: On the 29th of August, 2018, the 5th “Classic Edition” Plenary of the TCI Asia Pacific was held in Bali, Indonesia. At the Plenary, persons with psychosocial disabilities and their cross disability supporters from 21 countries of the Asia Pacific region came together to adopt the Bali Declaration.
The Bali Declaration is an amalgamation of the core of TCI Asia Pacific’s philosophy, aspirations and work. It comprehensively lists out the systematic violations of rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities by the medical model, looks towards an entire paradigm shift towards a social and development oriented model framed and rooted in the CRPD as opposed to a mental health and biomedical model, and confirms the failure of overarching legal, political, economic and social structures in ensuring equal participation and in promoting further exclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities. The Declaration welcomes efforts and shifts towards a more inclusive society with persons with psychosocial disabilities at the centre of all discussions, participation and engagements and aspires for persons with psychosocial disabilities to claim their meaningful place in society through inclusive environments.
The Bali Declaration  calls for actions enabling the inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities through “a paradigm shift and reframing of policy environment from medical model to social model; mental disorder to psychosocial disability; public health to inclusive development; institutionalization to inclusion; treatment to support systems, evoking the guidance of CRPD and the SDGs to bridge such reframing.”  It also recognises that “inclusive implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and the full realisation of human rights mutually reinforce each other.”


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