Too Often, Dhaka Remains Inaccessible for People with Disabilities

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, News, November 7 2018

rooftop view of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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DHAKA, BANGLADESH: An ever-growing urban population with overflowing and at times chaotic vehicular traffic can make life difficult even for the most well-abled pedestrian.

The challenges become higher for a person with a disability.

How can I go out of my home?’ asks Tajkia Mariam Jahan, a wheelchair user from Dhaka, who was confined to her home for seven years due to the road environment.

The city roads are unwelcoming not only for people in a wheelchair like her but also for persons with all types of disabilities.

Hawa Aktar, a woman with hearing impairment, needs clear, visible signs and signals on road crossings and from vehicles. And Bashir Uddin Molla, a student with visual impairment, needs sounds and guidance when she is walking.

None of these facilities are available to people with disabilities living in Dhaka.

It is estimated that more than one million people with disabilities live in Dhaka if considering 15% of the world population are living with disabilities as reported by the World Health Organization.

Unfortunately, many of them – like Tajkia – are excluded from economic opportunities due to lack of physical access. When asked why, their answers point to three issues: 1) how road infrastructure and public transport vehicles are designed; 2) how they are maintained and used, and; 3) how drivers and public transport operators behave.

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Source: World Bank

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