3D Printing Supports Coral Reef Ecosystem in Maldives

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, News, September 24 2018

aerial view of island

Photo by Hoodh Ahmed on Unsplash

MALDIVES: A team of researchers has designed and 3D printed an artificial reef to help promote the growth of a coral reef ecosystem in Maldives. The Summer Island Maldives resort is using the artificial reef made from hundreds of ceramic and concrete modules to build a new coral reef ecosystem.

An Australian industrial engineer with the Reef Design Lab began the project, using computer modeling to build a reef that resembled those found in the Maldives region. The 3D printing process took 24 hours. The molds were then cast in ceramic, which is similar to limestone rock, shipped to Maldives, filled with marine concrete, and assembled and submerged seven meters deep. The coral is now an integral part of the lagoon where the new coral reef ecosystem will be assembled.

For the full article, visit the source: IISD SDG Knowledge Hub

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