SDG 11 Review at HLPF Emphasizes Role of Cities in Achieving 2030 Agenda

Americas, Events, News, August 7 2018

NEW YORK, USA: The HLPF entered day three of its deliberations on 11 July 2018, which included a review of global progress toward SDG 11 on sustainable cities. Many speakers called for justice, dignity and a human rights-based approach to affordable housing in cities. Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, argued that housing (SDG target 11.1) is the most significant issue facing cities today, and highlighted the injustice of development that destroys urban neighborhoods and displaces residents.

Marc Pecsteen, Permanent Representative of Belgium and Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council of the UN (ECOSOC), chaired the session reviewing SDG 11. Discussions drew on the joint report by UN-Habitat and partner agencies, released on 9 July, which outlined global progress and challenges for sustainable cities. The report titled, ‘SDG 11 Synthesis Report: Tracking Progress Towards Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements,’ presents UN agencies’ joint position.

Benjamin Rae, Statistics Division, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), stressed that, if States continue to rely on the private sector for housing, then they are obliged to ensure markets provide affordable housing.

Rohit Aggarwala, Columbia University, noted there is no “one size fits all” formula for achieving the various SDG 11 targets, and called for thoughtful and comprehensive management of urban issues and appropriate distribution of powers.


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