Savola Group Employees Learn About “Inclusive Communication”

Events, Middle East, Universal Design, July 18 2018

Employees of Savola Group

Employees of Savola Group

SAUDI ARABIA: Qaderoon organized a workshop on Disability Inclusive Communication in the Workplace at Savola Group Head office in Jeddah on Wednesday 11 July 2018. This workshop was designed for those responsible for internal and external communication at Savola Group, who need to ensure successful communication with their employees and customers with disabilities. The workshop covered accessibility in company websites, advertising campaigns, visual design, and events. Ms. Aya Jibreal-Senior Inclusive Design Consultant at Qaderoon facilitated the workshop.

The workshop helped attendees identify, evaluate, and remove barriers that can be faced by their company employees or customers with disabilities when communicating with them or while using their company websites. Attendees were encouraged to use clear color contrasts in the design or deployment of any of their ads and leaflets, both electronically or printed. Checklists were provided to make sure that all the elements of universal access are available at companies’ events. The workshop concluded with emphasizing the role of the trainees in the application of these important standards, to ensure inclusive communication with all employees and customers with disabilities.


Source: Qaderoon

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