Family Care for Children with Disabilities: Practical Guidance for Front-line Workers in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

Americas, News, July 12 2018

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WASHINGTON, DC, USA: World Learning, on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is excited to announce that the Family Care for Children with Disabilities: Practical Guidance for Front-line Workers in Low-and Middle-Income Countries is now publicly available for download from the Better Care Network website. Please click here to access the web page. If you have any issues accessing the page, please copy/paste the following URL to your web browser:

The document has been developed with the support and guidance of USAID’s Displaced Children and Orphan Fund (DCOF) and the participation of a number of technical experts. Partnerships for Every Child in Moldova developed the guidance with Elayn Sammon and Gwen Burchell, MBE as the lead authors. The Special Programs to Address the Needs of Survivors (SPANS) Grants Solicitation and Management (GSM) project implemented by World Learning oversaw the production of the document.

The Guidance was developed to help social services case management personnel to work effectively with children with disabilities and their families. It provides easy to read information and advice to front-line workers in low-and middle-income countries who may have little or no experience working with children with disabilities. It is intended to supplement other guidance on case management. It includes more than 50 pages of practical guidance, 152 links to resource documents, and tips for policy makers and program planners.

Development of the document drew on the experience of the authors, a desk review of relevant documents, key informant interviews with 17 international experts with experience in at least eight countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Haiti, India, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Uganda), field-testing in Ukraine with front-line social service workforce personnel and children with disabilities and their families or caregivers, and consultation with the social workers of the National Commission for Children in Rwanda.

Please share this Guidance document with colleagues from your organizations and your professional networks (please share the link to download the document and/or this message).  You will be able to provide feedback via the above referenced web page.

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