New Road Fuels Kazakhstan’s National Priorities

Europe, Middle East, News, Transportation, July 5 2018

ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN: Even though Almaty is no longer the capital of Kazakhstan—the seat of government shifted north two decades ago—it has remained the nation’s financial hub, the largest city, and a magnet for tourists and business travelers from the around the world. As a result, Almaty is also known for its traffic.

With around 2 million residents and 1 million vehicles on the streets every day, road congestion has frustrated commuters and threatened national growth. The traffic is also responsible for approximately 80 percent of the city’s air pollution—an unsustainable situation for a nation trying to meet national environmental targets.

Since Almaty is such an important contributor to the country’s economy and job generation, finding a way around its traffic woes topped the government’s to-do list. The new Almaty Ring Road, an IFC-supported public-private partnership (PPP), will increase road safety, cut transportation costs, and shorten travel times for commuters by up to an hour. It will also reduce city noise and pollution.


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Source: World Bank

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