Antalya Stays on Track for Sustainable Growth

Middle East, News, Transportation, July 5 2018

Aerial view of Turkey

Photo by Mahir Uysal on Unsplash

ANTALYA, TURKEY: Historic buildings and over 600 kilometers of sandy beaches make the city of Antalya one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. But a population boom is threatening to overwhelm the city’s transportation system—and dilute its image as a jewel of the Mediterranean.

To strengthen Antalya’s sustainable future, the municipal government, with support from IFC, is investing in an 18-kilometer tram line that will connect the northern suburbs to the center, where most businesses are located. The new structure is expected to reduce gridlock, spur growth, and make Antalya one of the most liveable cities in Turkey.

“Every big city around the world struggles with traffic congestion, and the only way to address this is to improve public transportation,” says Antalya’s mayor, Menderes Turel. “The new tram line will create good economic and environmental value for the city and be the preferred way of transportation.”


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Source: World Bank

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