Namibia, Switzerland Share Preview of VNR, All 47 Main Messages Available

Events, News, July 3 2018

View on Lake Lugano and Monte San Salvatore in Switzerland

View on Lake Lugano and Monte San Salvatore in Switzerland
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INTERNATIONAL: All 47 countries that plan to present voluntary national reviews (VNRs) during the 2018 session of the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) have released their “main messages,” providing an overview of SDG action and plans, and progress and challenges with SDG implementation. Main messages for Namibia and Switzerland were released on 21 June, bringing to 47 the number of countries for which main messages are accessible on the UN’s webpage for the VNRs.

VNRs were called for by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to facilitate the sharing of national experiences, including successes, challenges and lessons learned, with a view to accelerating the implementation of the SDGs. A number of countries present their VNR during the HLPF held under the auspices of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) each July. Their respective main messages are released prior to the meeting, and provide a summary of more comprehensive review documents that are prepared by governments as a basis for their report and discussion during the Forum.

In its main messages, Namibia states that the SDGs have been embedded in its Fifth National Development Plan that focuses on economic progression, social transformation, environmental sustainability and good governance, and that “an extensive campaign” was undertaken to sensitize the Namibian community on both the SDGs and Agenda 2063 − the long-term strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of Africa. The government also reports that: existing national structures are used to ensure harmonized reporting and accountability; a baseline report was compiled to provide the data status on the SDGs’ indicators; and it commits to complete the development of its national indicator framework in order to provide key meta-data on all the SDG indicators.

Switzerland main messages report that the country is already at an “advanced stage” in achieving various SDGs and has already fulfilled a number of SDG targets, with the country being free of extreme poverty (target 1.1) and hunger (target 2.1), while education (target 4.1) is free, compulsory and of good quality. Switzerland notes that its Federal Council commissioned a comprehensive baseline assessment and gap analysis of the implementation status of the 2030 Agenda at federal level. The analysis concerned all SDG 169 targets and covered both domestic and international contributions. The government reports that the gap analysis found a “positive trend” for 39 out of 85 chosen indicators, while 12 showed no significant evolution, 14 showed a negative trend, and 20 indicators could not be assessed. The baseline assessment found that consumption of natural resources (SDG 12) is increasing overall.

IISD’s SDG Knowledge Hub has reported on the other 45 countries for which main messages were available before 21 June. The first 35 main messages are covered here, and an additional ten are summarized here.

The HLPF will take place from 9-18 July 2018, in New York, US, and will consider the theme, ‘Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies.’ VNRs will be presented during the Forum’s ministerial segment, convening from 16-18 July.


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