Addressing Intersections Of Gender And Disability: Voices Of Women With Disabilities From The Global South

Americas, Events, June 13 2018

NEW YORK, USA: Those attending CoSP are also invited to attend a side event organized by the Disability Rights Fund and Humanity and Inclusion/Making It Work gender and disability project to learn how women with disabilities in the global south are addressing intersectional forms of discrimination and promoting change in their communities with support from the African Disability Forum, the Disability Law and Policy Program of Syracuse University College of Law, UN Women East and Southern Africa, the Department for International Development (UK), the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia) and the Government of Canada.

‘Addressing Intersections Of Gender And Disability: Voices Of Women With Disabilities From The Global South’

June 14, 4:45 – 6PM in Conference Room B, United Nations Headquarters, New York

International Sign Language and CART will be provided.


  • Ms. Grace Jerry, Inclusive Friends Association, Nigeria
  • Ms. Rachel Kachaje, Disabled Women in Africa, Malawi
  • Ms. Evelyn Collins, First Peoples Disability Network, Australia
  • Ms. Yeni Damayanti, Indonesia Mental Health Association
  • Ms. Marijoe Pierre, Association des Femmes Handicapées du Sud, Haiti
  • Dr. Izeduwa Derex-Briggs, UN WOMEN East and Southern Africa

Introduction and conclusion remarks:

  • The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities,Government of Canada
  • Mr. Rich Boden, Deputy Team Leader and Summit Policy Lead of the Disability Inclusion Team,Department For International Development (UK)
  • Lauren Dancer, Policy Officer, Disability Section, Development Policy Division,Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia)

DRF and HI recognize that what is urgently needed to empower women and girls with disabilities and end the violence and egregious human rights violations they face, is to move from a gender inclusive to a gender transformative approach challenging the power dynamics and oppressive frameworks that hold women with disabilities back from being agents of change and living their lives in dignity.

This session will explore:

  • The changes women’s rights activists with disabilities have made towards gender inclusion and gender transformation in their advocacy work
  • What is needed to push forward on gender transformation – the challenges, the wins thus far
  • Experiences working from an intersectional approach for addressing the rights of women and girls with disabilities hearing from activists on their successes in working across rights movements
  • Recommendations for how all actors can better address intersectionality in their work moving from gender inclusion to gender transformative approaches
  • How DRF/DRAF’s new Gender Guidelines can support gender transformative work and successful experiences from women leaders will be shared, including those described in the new Making it Work Report 2018 that will be launched at this occasion.

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June 4th, 2018: Gaudence Mushimiyimana, from the Rwandan Organization of Women with Disabilities (UNABU) , speaks about gender-based violence prevention through an initiative led by women with disabilities. Link: 

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