Financing the Implementation of the CRPD, Problems of Instability and Inconsistency, Perspectives of Women and Refugees with Disabilities of the Global South

Americas, Events, June 12 2018

NEW YORK, USA: For those in New York for the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD, please join:
Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI), CBM International, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), World Bank Group, Global Coalition on Migration,  Australian Federation of Disability Organizations (AFDO) and  Arab Forum for Rights of Persons with Disabilities (AFRPD)
Financing the Implementation of the CRPD, Problems of Instability and Inconsistency, Perspectives of Women and Refugees with Disabilities of the Global South
On Wednesday 13th June, 2018 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at UN Headquarters; Conference Room 7 (CR7)

Introduction: Sylvana Lakkis, Chairperson, DPI Arab Region

Chair: Charlotte Vuyiswa McClain-Nhlapo, Global Disability Advisor, World Bank Group


1. Emma Pettey, Inclusive Humanitarian Action Project Officer, CBM International
2. Monami Maulik, International Coordinator, Global Coalition on Migration
3. Shatha Abu Srour, General Palestinian Union of Persons with Disabilities (GUPWD)
4.  Representative from Australian Federation of Disability Organizations (AFDO)Co-sponsors:
1. Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI)
3. CBM International
4. World Bank Group
5. Global Coalition on Migration
6. Arab Forum for Rights of Persons with Disabilities (AFRPD)


According to the World Bank, the cost of insuring the inclusion of persons with disabilities represents only 1 percent of development cost. Since the ratification of CRPD in 2006, it has gone through different phases and experiences of financing. Ratifying governments and international community of donors and corporations have pursued unstable and inconsistent policies and approaches towards supporting the implementation of the convention. The continuous change of interests and undergoing influence of the political agenda of countries of power from the Global North has contributed to maintaining this constant instability. Evidence from the Global South can prove the negative impact of this fragile situation. Moreover, the problem of inconsistent funding has been accompanied by other variables – continuous conflicts in the Middle East, widespread poverty in Africa, increasing frequency of natural disasters in Asia, and never stopped gender disparity. The combination of these factors along the problem of funding inconsistencies have exposed persons with disabilities, mainly women, children and refugees to increasing risks of danger and exploitation. Reports of UN Women, UNHCR, and the documentation undertaken by local, national, regional, and international organizations prove such experience. The issue of financing the implementation of the CRPD needs to be talked about in the same breath as other disability rights related issues.

This side-event aims to bring the disability community to share best practices and personal experiences and challenges in interacting with different funding resources during times of conflict or natural disaster especially around grassroots operations and strategies for confronting problems of danger and exploitation while lacking substantial and urgent financing support. Furthermore, panelists will present their views and recommendations about possible strategies for tackling problems of financial fragility and inconsistent donor policies and programs.

(American Sign Language interpretation and CART will be available)

Source: IDA_CRDP Forum

Re-posted with permission.


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