Transforming communities: From Mental Health to Inclusion

Americas, Events, June 11 2018

NEW YORK, USA: For those in New York for the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD, please join hosts TCI Asia, Human Rights Watch, IDA, DRF and OHCHR at the side event Transforming communities: From Mental Health to Inclusion


On June 12, from 8.15-9.30 am at UN Headquarters, New York, Room No. CR 7.

Moderator:  Victoria Lee, OHCHR


  • Shantha Rau Barriga- Human Rights Watch
  • Jenny Rosa Damayanti – IMHA – Indonesia, TCI Asia
  • Setaraki Mackanawai – PDF, IDA
  • Diana Samarasan – Disability Rights Fund
  • Bhargavi V Davar – Bapu Trust, TCI Asia

About TCI Asia: 

TCI Asia is a regional DPO, and its an acronym for “Transforming Communities for Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities – Asia”. We have focus on implementation of CRPD and full inclusion of persons with psycho-social disabilities in Asia.. We mobilize national movements, capacity build emerging leaders, hold multistakeholder dialogue platforms on Inclusion, offer trainings on inclusion, and we conduct research on Inclusion. Our core focus is on Article 19 of the CRPD.

We hope to soon become “TCI Asia Pacific”, as we have established co operations in the Pacific region as well.

Conference of States Parties (CRPD – CoSP 11) has become an important forum for our advocacy, due to trends of globalization of psychiatry in the global south.  Unfavourable draft legislations are also afloat, with psychiatric coercion at the core. Different human rights groups have highlighted again and again the serious human rights violations happening within the care institutions in India, Indonesia and other global south contexts. Various UN reports, concluding observations, list of issues, SR reports, and OHCHR efforts towards CRPD compliant services, also provide the normative framework for transformations of the mental health system, towards outcome of inclusion in coming years.

This is TCI Asia’s very first side event at CoSP, supported by a number of agencies (HRW, IDA, DRF, OHCHR). We are grateful for your support to make our voices heard!! The cross disability movement worldwide, with strong leadership from IDA, has inspired us always, and we look towards your continuing support.

Source: IDA_CRDP Forum

Re-posted with permission.

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