Disability, Sexuality, and Holding States Accountable: Local and Global Strategies

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NEW YORK, USA: Those attending CoSP are also invited to attend a side event organized by the CREA, Women Enabled International, Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, Center for Reproductive Rights, and Sexual Rights Initiative.

Disability, Sexuality, and Holding States Accountable: Local and Global Strategies

The event will take place on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 from 6:30-8:00pm at United Nations (U.N.) Headquarters (New York), Conference Room 12.

Women and girls with disabilities often face multiple forms of discrimination, based on race, class, socioeconomic status, gender, disability, and age, due to restrictions imposed by social norms inherent to these aspects of their identities or gender expression. Though there is discussion on intersectionality when it comes to disability, discussion around sexuality is usually circumvented. Furthermore, even though women and girls with disabilities make up a substantial portion of the global population, they are frequently excluded from discussions about issues that directly affect them, including related to their sexuality and sexual and reproductive rights.

This side event will address the intersectionality between disability and sexuality, looking at the gaps in addressing the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls with disabilities. The panel will also provide important information about ways to engage effectively with the U.N. human rights system on this issue, so as to address the exclusion of women and girls with disabilities from discussions occurring at the local and national level.

Speakers will address the lived experiences of women and girls with disabilities and speak about experiences and opportunities for engaging in the U.N. human rights system. They will include:

  • Ishani Cordeiro, CREA (Global) (moderator)
  • Nidhi Goyal, Rising Flame (India)
  • Amba Salelkar, Equal Centre for Promotion of Social Justice (India)
  • Asha Hans, Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre (India)
  • Jane Kihungi, Kenya Network of Women with Disabilities (Kenya)
  • Rama Dhakal, National Association of the Physical Disabled (Nepal)
  • Stephanie Ortoleva, Women Enabled International (Global)

Women Enabled International will also have available electronic and hard copies of its accountABILITY Toolkit and related factsheets, including easy-to-read versions.

Source: IDA_CRDP_Forum.

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