Artificial Intelligence 2030: Transformative Inclusion for All

Americas, Events, June 6 2018

UN Habitat LogoNEW YORK, USA: Those attending 11th session of the Conference of States Parties (COSP) to the CRPD are invited to attend a side event:

Artificial Intelligence 2030: Transformative Inclusion for All

This event takes place on Tuesday June 12, from 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm Canada Logo

At the UN Headquarters Conference Room 12, New York, NY 10017

Sponsors: Permanent  Missions of the UAE & Canada to the UN, World Enabled

Co-Sponsors: Permanent Missions of Denmark and Singapore to UN, Microsoft, UN Habitat, GAATES, CBM, G3ict, IDPP, IBM


AI 2030 MissionsThis June, the 11th Conference of the States Parties to the CRPD will take place in New York. As part of the Conference’s side events, the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Canada will host a panel on the impact of AI on inclusion for people with disabilities, in partnership with World Enabled and the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES).

This panel, featuring experts on artificial intelligence and machine learning, inclusive design, sustainable development, and human World Enabled - Pineda Foundation logorights, will identify a set of policy recommendations and explore collaborative action frameworks for implementing inclusive AI in education, employment, and international development. These issue areas relate to supporting the objectives Sustainable Development Goal 17 which, in conjunction with CRPD Articles 9 and 32, calls for accessibility and cooperation in revitalizing the Global Partnership on Sustainable Development and financing the 2030 Agenda.

GAATES LogoAmong the speakers for this side event is Dr. Victor Pineda, President of GAATES and WorldEnabled, who will be moderating. UAE Ambassador to the UN Lana Nusseibeh and a representative of the Canadian delegation to the CRPD will give opening remarks. Four speakers will engage the audience in discussion: UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence HE Omar bin Sultan al Olama, IBM researcher Dr. Shari Trewin, Microsoft Accessibility Technical Evangelist Dr. Megan Lawrence, and Director of Inclusive Design Research Center Dr. Jutta Trevanus.

CBM LogoWithin the urban context, AI and other technological advancements have the potential to dramatically alter the way our cities form, move, and grow. This is critical as urbanization continues to increase, with 54% of people living in urban areas, yet few cities pursue accessible and inclusive digital development.

This panel will discuss policies relating to Article 24, Article 27, and Articles 19 and 24 of the CRPD, which address access to education, employment, and healthcare respectively. AI can have significant disruptive affects on the future of work and education – speakers will question how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to advance vocational and educational programs for people with disabilities as well as facilitate an open and accessible work environment so people with disabilities can pursue careers and live independently. Panelists will also examine how AI can create or transform healthcare services to enable persons with Microsoft Logodisabilities to thrive and participate in the communities where they live, as well as how AI design can be molded to preferences and needs of people with disabilities.

Though artificial intelligence presents an as-yet unknown challenge to current digital development policies and inclusion efforts for persons with disabilities and older persons, proactive movement toward inclusive policies and international cooperation on digital development can mitigate or prevent these challenges. This panel will build a framework for disability-responsive AI by discussing questions about necessary legislative measures, budgetary and executive support, institutional capacity, changing attitudes and beliefs, and increasing the participation of people with disabilities.

Format and speakers

A panel featuring the Minister of State on AI from the UAE and leading experts on Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Development, Design, and Human Rights will engage with the audience in a moderated discussion.


  • Dr. Victor Pineda, President of GAATES and World ENABLED

Welcome Remarks

  • Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the UN
  • High-Level Representative of Canadian Delegation for the CRPD (TBD)


  • HE Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence (TBD)
  • Dr. Shari Trewin, ACM Distinguished Scientist and AI Researcher, IBM
  • Dr. Megan Lawrence, Accessibility Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Dr. Jutta Trevanus, Professor and Director of Inclusive Design Research Center, Canada

Interventions from the Floor

  • Charlotte McClain Nhlapo, Social, Urban, Rural Resilience, World Bank (TBD)
  • Stephen Meyers, Professor of Sociology, University of Washington
  • Rohit Agarwala, Director of Public Policy, Sidewalk Labs (TBD)
  • Representatives from UNDESA, UN Habitat (TBD)
  • International Disability Alliance (TBD)
  • Dubai Expo 2020, Smart Dubai (TBD)


Kindly RSVP by Email to Mr. Federico Battista Poitier at

Source: GAATES & World Enabled


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