ISO Establishes New Task Force on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Built Environment, Disaster, News, March 26 2018

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ISO Logo

INTERNATIONAL: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced that they have established a new Task Force on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Several of GAATES Founding Board Members are active participants in ISO Task Forces and have shared that the new “Task Force will:

  1. Review the mapping of ISO standards to the SDGs,
  2. Determine the priority SDGs for ISO,
  3. Oversee the design of a website that can be used by members and businesses to find the right standards in support of any particular SDG,
  4. Develop guidance for committees on how to proactively look for the right partnerships (e.g. with UN and other international organizations), and
  5. Provide recommendations for which organizations ISO should engage with (e.g. consortia, other IOs) in the promotion of standards in support of SDGs.”

At the time of writing ISO 21542 : 2011 – Building construction (Accessibility and usability of the built environment) has been adopted as the National Standard in many countries, including: Kenya, Spain, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Italy, Ecuador and Denmark to name a few.

According to their website, the ISO 21542 “specifies a range of requirements and recommendations for many of the elements of construction, assemblies, components and fittings which comprise the built environment. These requirements relate to the constructional aspects of access to buildings, to circulation within buildings, to egress from buildings in the normal course of events and evacuation in the event of an emergency. It also deals with aspects of accessibility management in buildings.”



ISO 21542:2011

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