yoocan CEO to discuss global collaboration 2020 vision at the GAATES Annual Meeting Feb. 21st

Americas, Europe, Events, News, February 20 2018

yoocan believes that shared experiences and knowledge, by and for people with disabilities from around the world, can inspire and change lives so no one feels alone. Thousands of yoocan community members are making daily connections, finding new friendships and relevant solutions – join the online community today & watch the video here.

If you are an organization, assistive technology company or innovator attending the Zero Project Conference 2018 in Vienna from the 21st-23rd of February, the Founder and CEO, Moshe Gaon will be there! Moshe will be presenting in the GAATES Annual General Meeting held on February 21st. He will be sharing new features on the website: www.yoocanfind.com. Some of the new updates include the following:

  • 1. Share your story, personal tips or product recommendations
  • 2. Explore global personal experiences and read practical tips
  • 3. Search for relevant information (ie: names of storytellers, organizations, products, services, disability, activities, etc.)
  • 4. Shop for relevant products and/or find important information
  • 5. Chat with caring people in a safe community or connect with the yoocan help team!

If you will be at the convention and want to meet with Moshe, please feel free to email him: moshe@yoocantech.com.


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