Tommy Hilfiger launches clothing line for people with disabilities

Americas, Misc., December 12 2017

Tommy Hilfiger has recently launched a new line of clothes for a segment of people that often gets ignored by the fashion industry – people with disabilities.

Man with arm braces wearing the Tommy Adaptive Adaptive Clothing Line

Photo: Tommy Hilfiger

The collection uses magnets and velcro to make it easier for people to get dressed. The line which currently has 37 styles for men and 34 for women includes clothing items like shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and dresses. The clothes feature magnetic zips and adjustable hems to accommodate leg braces and orthotics. They also have pull-on loops inside the waistbands.Shirts have magnetic buttons and cuffs that enable the wearer to don them using only one hand.

The founder in a statement said that these collections will help empower persons with disabilities to express themselves through fashion.

This is the second Hilfiger collection oriented toward people with disabilities. Last year, the brand developed a line of clothes for children with disabilities in conjunction with Runway of Dreams, a non-profit that seeks to make fashion more accessible for people with disabilities.

This step is being looked at positively by a number of people and some feel that adaptive clothing should become mainstream and not a special thing that some companies do.

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