Employment for People with Disabilities

Asia-Pacific, Misc., News, November 29 2017

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring people with disability receive opportunities to reach their potential through participating in the community and the workforce.

There are two types of specialist agencies to help people with disability find and maintain work:

Australian Disability Enterprises

Australian Disability Enterprises provide real and meaningful employment for people with disability. There are around 20,000 people with disability working in more than 600 Australian Disability Enterprises Australia-wide. The Disability Employment Assistance page provides resources to assist Australian Disability Enterprises.

Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services (DES) deliver employment assistance for job seekers with disability. DES is delivered by a network of organisations around Australia. These organisations play a specialist role in helping people with disability, injury or health condition get ready to look for a job, find a job and keep a job.

Government funded changes to Disability Employment Services program, will commence 1 July 2018. For more information, go to https://goo.gl/4VrGZQ

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