Persons with disabilities test out Metro facilities

Asia-Pacific, News, Transportation, November 24 2017

HYDERABAD, INDIA: The authorities have ensured that Metro trains and stations, including lifts, fare gates and ticket vending machines cater the needs of people with disabilities. A test run was carried out with a small group of individuals, and it was found that they were able to buy tickets, cross the barrier gates, enter the lift and get to the station area, and board trains.

Every commuter with disability will be provided with an escort upon entry into any Metro rail station premises, to guide him/her to his/her desired train. There is also ample signage for commuters to follow.

However, additional measures need to be implemented to ensure the safety of people with disabilities. The entry points to the Nagole, Miyapur and Parade Ground Stations have been positioned on roads where vehicular traffic will be limited, thus providing an ease of navigation for wheelchairs.

But the entry points of the Rasoolpura, Ameer-pet and Secunderabad stations are positioned on service roads, which may prove to be dangerous for people with disabilities.

A senior officer of the Hyderabad Metro Rail says, “Our duty is to provide the facilities for them to be able to travel comfortably on the Metro rail, which we have. There will be people to help them at the street level as well.”

With busy roads on either side of certain stations, it seems doubtful whether physically challenged passengers will be able to enjoy the Metro rail.

Source: deccanchronicle

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