UCIC Launches Hardware Agnostic Alexa Voice Service Client

Americas, ICT, News, October 20 2017

TORONTO: The Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC) announces the release of its new hardware agnostic voice control client & AI integration manager; Ubi Kit.

“The platform has been designed to enable companies the quickest time to market, at the lowest cost, and most flexible supply chain,” said Leor Grebler, CEO of UCIC.

The free Ubi Kit enables implementation of advanced, customized, voice control and AI experiences in unprecedented time scales. For example, when using Ubi Kit, a single line of code and two minutes is all that’s required to bring to life a fully integrated Alexa Voice Service implementation, including Alexa trigger.

UCIC’s Ubi Kit allows developers to prototype AVS integration into their hardware products so they can visualize how they would function like Amazon Echo products while at the same time enabling customized AI driven experiences from a variety of vendors. Ubi Kit developers can also leverage the latest industry leading far field microphone solution.

“We’ve taken the time to connect the dots,” says Grebler, “most companies are now faced with buying into expensive hardware supply chains that limit their future abilities to pivot in unison with market leaders, the Ubi Kit platform ensures a stable future regardless of the dominant player in the Virtual Assistant/AI experience space. Innovators now have a choice and are not limited to using any particular vendor’s module.”

UCIC’s Ubi Kit supports a wide variety of external USB microphones, including DSP development kits.  Developers will be able to create an Alexa-enabled piece of hardware in less than 10 minutes from unboxing to first engagement.

The free developer version of Ubi Kit, initially available with Alexa support and called AVS Kit, is available here: http://avskit.ucic.io. Other AI assistants is to be available shortly. AVS Kit also comes with a demo of Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree Alexa trigger.

UCIC provides prototyping and testing services to integrate Ubi Kit into products while ensuring high quality and performance. The production version of Ubi Kit is available for license. Ubi Kit is currently targeted at ARM based architectures, however a low power version targeted at high efficiency MCU’s will be rolled out with select partners in the new year.



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