BlindPAD’s Tablet Makes Visual Information Tactile for Users with Vision Disabilities

Europe, ICT, October 16 2017

An EU-funded consortium has created a touchscreen tablet dubbed BlindPAD designed specifically for users with vision disabilities.
BlindPad Tablet
The system, which has been three years in the making, comprises a tactile tablet, software that translates images into tactile representations and a series of exercises that together make digital graphical information accessible to people who are blind or have vision disabilities.

The exercises are intended to stimulate abilities linked to spatial working memory, spatial processing, logics and mathematical reasoning.

BlindPAD can also be used to train visual-spatial working memory, complex mental operations and mathematical concepts and help picture maps of unknown rooms, allowing people to find their own position in a real environment, said the EC, adding that tactile maps are rarely available in public places.

The technology of the BlindPAD system can be easily exploited by transferring it to a startup and a product could be launched on the market within less than two years, said the EC in a statement.

Source: telecompaper

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