Lancaster hosts accessibility awareness activities

Americas, Events, News, October 3 2017

October is officially “Accessibility Awareness Month” in the town of Lancaster. This year’s activities will feature a reenactment performance of Helen Keller’s life by actor Sheryl Faye, to be held at Thayer Memorial Library Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 6:30 p.m. Thayer Memorial Library will also host accessibility-related displays and books during October.

Sheryl Faye as Helen Keller. Photo: Lancaster Commission on Disability

October Accessibility Awareness Month was developed by the Lancaster Commission on Disability (COD) to create awareness and education surrounding the importance of accessibility for people with disabilities, whether physically seen or unseen, such as hearing, emotional, and other less noticeable illnesses or conditions.

Helen Keller’s story is told on a taped voice over as she reenacts her full life from childhood through her discovery of language when she was seven years old, to the writing of her twelve books. She will show the audience how she speaks and reads in Braille. The story continues through her graduation from college. This program helps us understand and accept the different way people do the same things, and inspires us to be the best we can be with the talents we possess.

Additional planned activities for Accessibility Awareness Month will include the following:

  • The COD will be exhibiting at The Lancaster Health & Wellness Fair on October 4th from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Lancaster Community Center.
  • Lancaster schools and places of worship will be participating via the topic of disability/ accessibility in the classroom, and in churches through prayer.
  • The College Church (337 Main Street, Lancaster) will hold an Accessibility Awareness Sabbath on Saturday, October 21, at the 11:00 a.m. service. The focus of the service will be on the deaf/ hard-of-hearing, and will also be communicated via signing. All are welcome to attend.
  • SLCT – Sterling-Lancaster Community TV Interview with a Lancaster resident on the challenges of having adequate access to public places/ stores etc. for mobility devices such as wheelchairs and walkers.
  • October is also time for Community Accessibility Evaluation. Residents are encouraged to take note of any accessibility issues they may notice in Lancaster.

“Increased awareness and education on accessibility is a vital tool for enlightening people on how difficult living and managing daily lives still is for those who are mobility disabilities or who have other disabilities. Our Awareness Month campaign creates more exposure on the subject, which will ultimately help residents in Lancaster live more full and productive lives with dignity.” said Mr. Michael McCue, Chairman of the Lancaster Commission on Disability.

The Lancaster COD is also actively recruiting new members. The commission is progressive and is the world’s first entity to establish and official Community Awareness Month on Accessibility. Anyone interested in the COD can visit or contact Michael McCue at 978-697-2408.

Source: Lancaster Commission on Disability


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