Google Maps turns to it’s user base to gather information on accessibility features

Americas, ICT, News, September 21 2017

Traveling without Google Maps seems like an impossible task in today’s world. Gone are the days when we would stop someone on the road and ask for directions. But more often than not it is difficult to know accessibility features of a place while traveling.

Google Map

Google now wants to make it easier for people with wheelchairs to get around using Maps so it is now crowd sourcing information on accessibility through it’s massive user base.

Local Guides, an initiative of the search giant is encouraging people from all over the world to update information about accessibility by answering a few basic questions. Map users can answer simple questions like “Is there a wheelchair entrance?” or “Is there an accessible toilet?”. The answers will be then visible in the map results afterwards.

To contribute, your location history on Google Maps needs to be turned on. Click on “Your Contributions”. Tap on “Answer questions about a place” and then indicate which places you have been to in the past are accessible. There is also an option to search for this information about any particular place and if you know the answers, you can make your contribution.

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