New Zealanders with disabilities twice as likely to be unemployed: statistics

Asia-Pacific, Misc., News, September 8 2017

WELLINGTON: People with disabilities were more likely to be unemployed, and their average weekly incomes were just over half those of non-disabled people in the June 2017 quarter, New Zealand’s statistics department said on Thursday.

People with disabilities average weekly incomes from self-employment and wages and salary were lower than those for non-people with disabilities, and they were less likely to be employed, said a Stats NZ finding.

However, average income from government transfers were higher for the disabled population, it said, adding that employed people with disabilities earned less because, on average, they worked fewer weekly hours and had lower hourly wages.

People with disabilities are those who have at least a lot of difficulty in seeing or hearing even with glasses or hearing aids, walking or climbing stairs, remembering or concentrating, self-care, or communicating, the statement said.

The unemployment rate for disabled people, which was 11.4 percent, was more than double the rate for non-disabled people, which was 4.5 percent, statistics showed.

The labor force participation rate for people with disabilities aged under 65 increases from 25.2 percent to 45.2 percent, Stats NZ said.

Source:  Xinhua

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