Mobile app helps identify accessible spaces in Brisbane

Asia-Pacific, ICT, News, September 4 2017

AUSTRALIA: Carers Link, a Brisbane based disability support service in partnership with Disability Support Queensland has launched a smartphone application called Access 4000 with the aim of providing detailed information on available accessibility features across various venues in Brisbane.

The application has been made keeping in mind not just peopAccess 4000 app iconle with disabilities, but also older people and families with children in prams.

The application uses map-based technology to allow people to find venues that offer accessibility features as per their need. Users can filter searches either by venue or by accessibility feature. Venue categories include tourist attractions, shopping centres, stations, libraries amongst others.

Accessibility features include wheelchair access, availability of interpreters, disabled parking, accessible toilets, support for low vision/blindness and baby changing facilities.

Carers Link director Debby Brennan hopes the application would be a driver for inclusion and social justice for people experiencing access barriers in the community.

Access 4000 is currently available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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