Nasscom launches Center of Excellence for Persons with Disabilities

Asia-Pacific, Misc., News, August 22 2017

NOIDA, INDIA: Three candidates with disabilities from Nasscom Foundation have been recruited by Amazon India at associate levels. The trainees, Chandan Mehta, a class XII pass out; Rahul Kumar, a B.Com student, and Sangita Rani, also a B.Com student, are all speach and hearing disability. The candidates were among 20 students who were given a 45-day training by Nasscom Foundation to deal with social discrimination against audism or the sort of discrimination faced by people in society when they are partially or fully hearing disabilities.

Nassom Foundation today also launched its first Centre of Excellence for Persons with Disabilities (PWD). The programme will sponsor 100 students with disabilities over next 12 months. At least 50% of these candidates will be placed in jobs. The programme is sponsored through a corporate social responsibility wing of Hinduja Global Solutions.

Responding to queries with the help of a language interpreter, one of the three candidates selected by Amazon, Sangita Rani said, “I am thrilled to get this opportunity. There is no discrimination when it comes to salaries. I hope I do well in this job.”

Another candidate, Chandan Mehta said, again through an interpreter, “People who can’t speak face a special kind of discrimination when it comes to mixing or participating in a fully abled social or work-space. This is called audism. We have over the last 45 days picked up soft skills, technology skills and methods to deal with discrimination. It has been an empowering course. The job placement has given us a new hope in life.”

Commenting on the launch of the PWD center, Shrikant Sinha, Ceo, Nasscom Foundation said, “The trainees will be skilled in a variety of job roles suitable for IT/BPM, Hospitality and Retail industries, along with soft skills, interview skills, communication skills, English language training etc. Efforts have been made to ensure that the center is accessible not just in terms of physical accessibility but also through technology and follows the principles of universal design of learning. Training will be conducted using the best accessible technology and training methdologies. HGS is supporting this cause as part of their CSR agenda. Centum Foundation will be the training partner,”

Speaking on the occasion, Partha DeSarkar, Ceo, HGS said, “A global mindset is all about thinking global and respecting cultural diversity. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment and encourage hiring of persons with disabilities to empower them. This will also bring in divergent perspectives and experiences into the workplace.”

Source: Times of India

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