Hungarian government to support NGOs serving persons with disabilities

Europe, Misc., News, August 17 2017

The government is supporting NGOs that help people living with disabilities and their families by a total of 171.5 million forints (EUR 560,000) available through tender, the human resources ministry state secretary for social affairs and inclusion said on Monday, the Hungarian news agency MTI reported.

The tenders are open until Wednesday to organisations that launch local, regional or national schemes to fight seclusion, Károly Czibere said.

The ministry’s aim is to enable NGOs to develop or introduce services that promote integration and improve the quality of life to people living with disabilities, he said.

The government is not neglecting families caring for children or family members with disabilities and will give them all available help, which is why NGOs offering their services in this field are given support, Czibere said.

Source: Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI

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