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On May 18, 2017 in Barcelona Spain, the On Thin Ice Project : Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities in Canada’s North project (2013-2016), managed by GAATES’ Marnie Peters – was named as one of 5 Winners of the International Good Practice – Design for All Foundation Award 2017. While Marnie was unable to attend the ceremony due to other commitments – she recently received her award and certificate.

Marnie Peters with the trophy

The Design for All Foundation collects and disseminates Universal Design/Design for All Good Practices and knowledge around the world; enhances the respect to human diversity; and works for a world where everyone enjoys equal opportunities for personal development.

For the 8th edition of the awards, many projects from around the world were nominated, and the Foundation awarded as “Good Practices 2016”, a total of 36 projects/products from 13 different countries. These ‘Good Practices’ were then assessed in terms of their relevance, methodology, outputs, impact and innovation by an international jury to select the five winners of the trophy 2017.

For the 2017 edition, the members of the Jury were as follows:

  • Mr. Sigmund Asmervik, Independent Architecture & Planning Professional (Norway).
  • Ms. Karin Bendixen, CEO Bexcom (Denmark).
  • Mr. Per Eriksson, Mayor of Askersund (Sweden).
  • Ms. Valerie Fletcher, Executive Director of the Institute for Human Centered Design (USA).
  • Mr. Rama Gheerawo, Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (UK).
  • Mr. Pau Herrera, President of the Executive Committee of Barcelona Centre de Disseny-BCD (Spain).
  • Mr. Keiji Kawahara, Executive Director of the International Association for Universal Design-IAUD (Japan).
  • Mr. Pete Kercher, Ambassador for EIDD – Design for all Europe (Italy).
  • Mr. Francesc Aragall, President of the Design for All Foundation and President/Secretary of the jury without voting right.

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