FSU Launches Program in American Sign Language

Americas, Misc., News, July 4 2017

FRAMINGHAM: For the first time, Framingham State University will be launching a four-year bachelor’s degree program in American Sign Language (ASL), designed to meet the growing demand for ASL interpreters in the Commonwealth.

Learn Sign Language key on a computer keyboard“Proficiency in American Sign Language is a marketable skill no matter what career path you pursue,” says Professor Luce Aubry, coordinator of the ASL/English Interpreting program. “Any agency or business serving or employing individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind , has a need for employees who are fluent in ASL.”

Interpreters work in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, government agencies, elementary through college classrooms, courts, private companies, non-profit organizations and many more.

With the launch of this new program, students will be able to enroll at FSU as freshman with no prior experience in ASL. Student who do possess ASL skills prior to enrolling will be evaluated for a determination of placement in courses suited to their level. Students can also transfer into the program with an associate’s degree in Deaf Studies.

Students in the program learn American Sign Language by immersion. All language classes are ‘voice-off’ as students learn to communicate in this vibrant visual-gestural language. Faculty come from the deaf/hard of hearing/deafblind community and bring insight and life experience to their classroom instruction. Interpreting faculty are all nationally certified interpreters.

For more information about the program, visit www.framingham.edu/asl.

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