New Act roots for inclusive eduation for children with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, Misc., News, July 3 2017

PANAJI, INDIA: The new central Rights for Persons with Disabilities Act 2016, yet to be brought into force in the state, has reinforced the importance of inclusive education for children with disabilities.

Boy sitting in wheelchair in school against  volumes of books on bookshelf in library. The act calls for all educational institutions funded or recognised by the government to provide inclusive education by admitting children with disabilities without discrimination and permitting them equal access to education, opportunities for sports and other recreation facilities.

Schools must also make their campuses and buildings accessible and provide transportation facilities with an attendant to children with disabilities.

One of the demands that emerged during the seminar attended by educationists from across the country was to bring education for children with disabilities under the ministry of education instead of the ministry of social justice and empowerment.

“The education of persons with disabilities should come under the human resource development ministry. All educational institutions including vocational training institutions fall within the purview of the HRD ministry. Why should the education of children with disabilities be left out? Education is for all,” said Satish Kapoor, founder of Delhi-based organization Brotherhood that advocates for inclusive education.

In special schools, educators are not trained BeD teachers and find it difficult to teach math and English to children with disabilities. “Aids, appliances and rehabilitations services can continue to be with the social justice and empowerment ministry but the education of a child should come under the HRD ministry. Every child has a right to learn. I don’t know why the ministry for social justice and empowerment has set up a separate department for the empowerment of persons with disabilities. The discrimination starts here,” he said.

Inclusive education is necessary so that typical children and those with disabilities grow together and interact with each other. This helps in the overall development of both and sets a basis for their integration into society later in life.

Source: Times of India

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