Beirut restaurant launches braille menu for diners with vision disabilities

Middle East, June 5 2017

Lebanon-based restaurant Casper & Gambini’s has launched a braille menu to aid diners who are blind or have low vision to make orders independently.

Braille MenuThe Casper & Gambini hails its initiative as the first of its kind to be presented by a restaurant in Lebanon, noting that the menu was created with the support of the Lebanese Society of the Blind and Deaf (LSBD) – a school working to help students reach their full potential, and promote social and economic inclusion.

“It is extremely rewarding seeing everyone get behind this initiative, and how this simple goal of complete inclusion brought the entire online community together,” said Rina Moussa, marketing manager at Casper & Gambini.

“The Braille Menu was first launched in Casper & Gambini’s Egypt, in collaboration with the esteemed NGO, Helm, in the efforts to improve the dining experience for persons with disabilities,” said Moussa

“We’re very excited to work with them again very soon on many other projects to take even further steps into making our restaurants accessible for all.”

The restaurant hopes to take a stand against discrimination and promote the full integration of “all segments of our community”.

“We hope other restaurants follow and take it even further, with braille menus, but also to provide the means to make the social and dining experience of customers with vision disabilities easier.”



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