Employers urged to give jobs to people with vision disabilities in Myanmar

Asia-Pacific, May 29 2017

MYANMAR: People with vision disabilities in Myanmar are finding it difficult to gain employment, according to the Myanmar Federation of Persons with Disabilities (MFPD).

MFPD chairman U Aung Ko Myint, said that most employers do not want to hire the blind as they require special tools and technology at work to help people with disabilities.

“Many business owners can’t accept that the blind have skills and can work. The blind need to also upgrade their skills that are suited for business. If business owners reject skillful blind workers, we will seek protection from the law.” saidU Aung Ko Myint.
The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Law was passed on June 5, 2015.

The MFPD managed to get jobs for 90 people with disabilities within one year (2016 March- 2017 March).

According to them, 30 people with disabilities managed to get employment. It was easier for those with physical disabilities as well as those who had hearing disabilities to get work compared with those who were blind and were intellectually disabilities.

Daw Khin Myo Su, committee member of the MFPD said, “It is hard to get employment for people who are blind up to now.”

Most of the businesses owners assume that a person with vision disability needs a volunteer to help them. They are under the impression that they have to pay double wages for one job. And most of people who are blind lack vocational training”.

“Although I have bachelor’s degree and diploma in social work. I cannot get a job. We meet more barriers than other people with vision disabilities. We have only job opportunity as masseurs with vision disability,” said Ko Myo Aung, a blind person.

“We can work as phone operators in banks, bakeries, and in the computer audio section.

“Blind people can be employed in places. Most of the business owners think that appointing normal people is better than having someone who is blind. People should understand that employing the blind is very important for society,” he said.

U Aung Ko Myint, who is visually disabled, said, “Everyone needs to have a job. Jobs provide a livelihood for people with vision disabilities. The government, business owners, anyone can create jobs for people with vision disabilities.

“I request one thing. Give us a chance to work. There is no need to donate money and food. We need jobs for survival. If a person with vision disability breaks any rules or regulations, action through the law can be taken,” said U Aung Ko Myint.

Source: Myanmar Times

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