Making Theater More Accessible for Kids with Autism

Americas, May 21 2017

A mother says that she and her autistic seven-year-old son were kicked out of a performance of the musical Aladdin in Chicago Wednesday night. According to a report by NBC, the boy cannot speak and was making noises during the show. The mother called it discrimination.

Making the theater more inclusive and friendly to people with autism is a project many in that world have been working on for years. A big moment for that movement comes May 13 when the Theatre School at DePaul University puts on its first sensory-friendly performance for children with autism or sensory sensitivities. The cast and crew of Cinderella: The Remix is adjusting the lighting and sound to offer a quieter space for the show. Morning Shift talks to Leslie Shook, theater manager at DePaul’s Theatre School, about that show and other efforts to make Chicago theater more inclusive, especially for people with autism.

Source: wbez

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