Expert meeting on monitoring and evaluation of disability-inclusive development

Europe, April 12 2017

GENEVA: The Expert Meeting on Monitoring and Evaluation for Disability-inclusive Development will be held from 10 to 11 May 2017 at ILO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The meeting organized by DESA and hosted by ILO, is intended to take stock of progress made in monitoring and evaluation for disability-inclusive development, in particular in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Discussions will contribute to preparation of the 2018 United Nations flagship report on disability and development that has been requested by the UN General Assembly (A/RES/69/142).

The meeting will include experts, researchers and practitioners from the UN system, academic institutions, Member States, non-governmental organizations, particularly disabled persons’ organizations, and development partners with experience and expertise in the areas of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the international development goals, including expertise in policy-analysis, monitoring and evaluation relevant for disability-inclusive development.

The objectives of this meeting are:

  1. to share ongoing work on disability among participants;
  2. to discuss the content and outline of the 2018 UN flagship report;
  3. to follow up on the work of the task teams for the 2018 UN flagship report and identify interlinkages across the topics covered by the different teams;
  4. to further identify collaborations for the production of the report;
  5. to refine the work plan and timeline for the production of the 2018 UN flagship report.

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