Schools to accommodate inclusive education in Fiji

Asia-Pacific, April 6 2017

FIJI: The Minister for Education Dr. Mahendra Reddy says they have designated schools in urban areas that will accommodate children into the mainstream education system.

He says they are working on getting more schools to facilitate the needs of children with disabilities which is predicted to take some time.

“There are certain designated schools where we have added additional support. Where a school can allow a wheelchair user to enter into the classroom. Where children in wheel chair can go to the washroom. And we also have sign language teachers assigned to these schools – at least having one teacher trained to handle children with disabilities. The reason why we have established these schools is because not every child can come to a special school in urban area.”

Dr. Reddy says providing special and inclusive education for children living with disabilities is a vital component for his ministry and they are fully aware of their special needs and is ready to provide support to each child in order to help them become successful citizens of Fiji.

Source: FBC

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