Accessible tour packages for persons with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, March 17 2017

NEW DELHI, INDIA: In a first, one of India’s largest travel companies has launched tour packages for persons with disabilities. Cox & Kings has come out with “Enable India” to make tourism “more inclusive and accessible” for persons with disabilities across mobility (wheelchairs), hearing, speech and vision disabilities.
Wheelchair user in Tokyo street
Debolin Sen, the head of Enable Travel, an “accessible holiday initiative”, said: “Enable Travel is a long-term commitment to make travel easy and hassle free in India and to empower each and every individual to celebrate their love for travel. Through this initiative, we are trying to address various barriers like inaccessible travel information, lack of transportation and accessible friendly hotel rooms that prevent people from travelling. Each of the itineraries catering to inbound and domestic tourists has been thoughtfully curated, ensuring the long-held dream of a seamless travel experience isn’t hampered.”

“As part of its service offering, Enable Travel will introduce quality transportation in the form of wheelchair accessible vehicles, aids and accessories like ramps and an assortment of specialised wheelchairs for those who are wheelchair bound. Support services also include investments in specially trained manpower such as caregivers, sign language interpreters, expert guides and escorts making all areas of travel accessible,” Sen added.

Karan Anand, head of relationships at Cox & Kings, said: “Persons with disabilities have absolute right to live a life of equal opportunities, choice and freedom. They have the same desire to travel but the lack of an accessible environment reduces their ability or desire to travel outside. Many tourists with disabilities within and outside India are keen on exploring different travel experiences the country has to offer. It is important to tap this largely under-served segment of travellers by providing quality assistance and services that focus on individual needs. Enabling barrier-free travel for persons with disabilities will contribute to a significant increase in inbound and domestic tourism.”

Anand added, “In a country where everyday commute is still a struggle, making tourism accessible to people with disabilities has been challenging. Enable Travel endeavours to make tourism accessible to all and encourages people to turn their travel dreams into reality.”

Cox & Kings is powering Enable Travel, which is described as a product “made by persons with disabilities for persons with disabilities”.

Source: Times of India

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