Art and You: A Planning Guide

Asia-Pacific, February 22 2017

AUSTRALIA: Arts Access has launched Art and You: A Planning Guide capacity building resource for the arts, disability and mental health sectors.

Art and You: A Planning Guide  coverpage Art & You: A Planning Guide is a downloadable booklet for people with disabilities, mental health issues or who are Deaf to help them talk about why art is important in their lives.

Developed in collaboration with a group of artists with mental health issues, Art & You is a combination guide and workbook: there are chapters outlining things like your rights as an artist, and then chapters in which you can answer questions, brainstorm and draw.

All of these exercises are designed to help you clearly articulate why art matters to you, what kind of art you want to make and how, when and with whom you want to make that art.

Feeling confident in talking about your artmaking can help your friends, family, colleagues, health professionals and, most importantly, NDIS planners understand your arts practice and why its important to you.

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