Accessible airports are key priorities: Aviation Minister

Africa, February 14 2017

GHANA: Minister for Aviation Cecilia Abena Dapaah has assured that her ministry will formulate policies to guarantee all buildings are re-structured to ensure easy movement for passengers with disabilities at the airports.

Special assistance staff with passenger in wheelchairNumerous concerns have been raised about the inconvenient nature of buildings and structures at the airports which hinder the easy movement of passengers with disabilities.

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority last year also came up with a new revision which sought to sanction airlines as well as industry players who fail to make provisions for the carriage by air of passengers with disabilities.

The new revisions were geared towards ensuring that persons with disabilities get the right treatment and services in the aviation industry.

But addressing the Appointments Committee on Wednesday, Cecelia Dapaah said she will ensure authorities adhere to the policies to ease the stress of passengers with disabilities.

“Access for persons with disabilities is very difficult. I will definitely find ways around it because I have thought about it and discussed it privately. I think we will need a policy to make sure that all these buildings have the compliance in order.”

She added that “With the new airport, I believe we will still have to look at that. As much as we will have the tunnel movement as well, we still have to figure a way on how they can get up there to go through it, I think it’s in order and we will take that up.”

Meanwhile, she says plans are underway to ensure more women delve into the aviation sector.

“I know we have a few females who are pilots. I understand the flight school that was been constructed in Afienya has been abandoned. We mean to seek private people to take that up.”

Source: ghanaweb

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