Elections Commission to provide services for voters with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, February 7 2017

INDONESIA: The Salatiga General Elections Commissions (KPU Salatiga) has pledged to provide special facilities and services for voters with disabilities for the upcoming regional election on Feb. 15.

Some of the services include providing escorts to help them at polling stations.

“We will make everything easy for people with disabilities who want to cast their votes. KPU Salatiga will erect TPS [polling stations] close to their houses,” said KPU Salatiga head Putnawati on Monday.

Putnawati was speaking during a meeting with voters with disabilities at the offices of KPU Salatiga.

A representative of the group, Rofii, 25, said that in previous elections, voters with disabilities had some difficulties in reaching polling stations.

“There were no polling stations nearby our houses. We had to walk a long way to reach the closest polling station. This situation really hampered voters with vision disabilities like us,” said Rofii, a blind voter. There are 129,930 voters and 386 polling stations across the city, according to the KPU Salatiga. Of that number, 269 of them are people with disabilities.

Putnawati said the KPU Salatiga would also provide Braille ballot papers for voters who are blind or have vision disabilities. “We will fulfill their needs. We will provide facilities to make it easy for them to vote,” she added.

There are two candidate pairs running in the upcoming Salatiga election, namely Agus Rudianto-Dance Ishak Palit and incumbent Yuliyanto-Muh Haris.

Source: Jakartapost

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