Ballot paper in Braille to help voters vision with disabilities cast their vote in Indonesia

Asia-Pacific, February 6 2017

INDONESIA: Offices of the General Elections Commission (KPU) in several areas across Indonesia have prepared specially designed ballot papers that will allow voters who are blind or have low vision to vote during the regional elections on Feb.15.

person reading BrailleKPU Yogyakarta spokesperson Farid Bambang Siswantoro said voters with disabilities would get special treatment to make it easier for them to cast ballots.

“Each polling station will get one ballot template for voters with disabilities. So, we will no longer use ballot papers using Braille because it may risk the secrecy of their votes,” he said on Wednesday.

According to KPU Yogyakarta data, 838 of the total of 306,525 voters in the city are disabled. Meanwhile, in Kulonprogo 1,135 of the 340,832 voters in the regency have disabilities.

“We are waiting for the delivery of ballot templates that will be used for voters with vision disabilities,” said Farid.

Unlike in Yogyakarta, voters with vision disabilities in Jambi will still use Braille ballot papers during the Feb.15 elections. The KPU Tebo has prepared ballot papers using the Braille alphabet for the 360 voters with vision disabilities in the regency.

“The special ballot papers will be delivered to 669 polling stations,” KPU Tebo head Basri said on Wednesday.

During the voting day, he said, KPU Tebo would also prepare several people who would accompany voters with vision disabilities to cast their ballots.

“We will also prepare personal statements they have to first sign before accompanying the disabled voters,” Basri said.The statements aimed to guarantee the secrecy of the voters’ ballots.

KPU Sarolangun head Ahya said specially designed ballot papers had been prepared for 147 disabled voters in the regency. The ballots would be readied in 586 polling stations.

Source: jakartapost

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