• Year: 2016

    US DOT Improving Accessibility of Aircraft Lavatories and In-Flight Entertainment for Passengers with Disabilities

    WASHINGTON: The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that its negotiated rulemaking committee, the ACCESS Advisory Committee, has reached an important agreement to improve the accessibility of lavatories on single-aisle aircraft and of in-flight entertainment.  The ACCESS Advisory Committee, which was established to develop a proposed rule concerning accommodations for air travelers with disabilities, included… Continue Reading »

    Hundred Dollar Wheelchair Brings Hope to Children with Disabilities

    ISRAEL: Too many children with disabilities go without a wheelchair and some cannot even attend school because of their lack of mobility. An Israeli innovator seeks to change this reality by developing affordable wheelchairs for children with disabilities in developing world. Millions of children with disabilities lack minimal mobility as the third world has a… Continue Reading »

    Disability Bill still stuck in Rajya Sabha

    NEW DELHI, INDIA: If one looks at the functioning of the Parliament, or the lack of it, in the last few days, it is no surprise that disability is not an important matter of discussion. In this winter session alone, the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Bill, 2016, has been listed for business four times… Continue Reading »

    More Schooling for Children with Disabilities in Cambodia

    Education Ministry officials said yesterday that there will be greater participation by children with disabilities in schools, announcing a plan that would allow disabled youngsters to attend schools with the rest of the country’s children by early next year. Im Koch, a secretary of state for the Education Ministry, told a local news outlet at… Continue Reading »

    UAE hospital opens new cochlear implant facility

    Dubai-based Prime Hospital said it has launched a new facility to perform cochlear implant surgery. As a special gesture, the hospital has announced plans to waive off operation costs for patients below the age of four. The hospital currently has three ear specialists capable of conducting the operations in the UAE. Currently only a few… Continue Reading »

    Government publishes landmark disability legislation

    The Gibraltar Government has published landmark disability bill, new legislation that is modelled on the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and shall refer to this as Agnes’ Law in memory of the late Agnes Valarino, former Chairperson of the Disability Society. The Disability Bill upholds and safeguards the inherent dignity of… Continue Reading »

    CAA Issues Airport Guidelines for Passengers with Disabilities

    The United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued new guidelines with the aim of improving the airport experience of passengers with intellectual disabilities, autism and dementia as well as those who are hearing or vision disabilities. It is hoped that this guidance will enable airports to offer better support to passengers with disabilities. New… Continue Reading »

    Picture book could help people with learning disabilities

    UK: A severe lack of understanding and research into the needs of people with learning disabilities and epilepsy is placing them at risk say experts from the University of Hertfordshire. There are currently more than 1 million people with learning disabilities in England. This group are also more likely to have additional physical and mental… Continue Reading »

    Tehran to become more accessible for persons with disabilities

    TEHRAN: Tehran Municipality has allotted some 103 billion rials (nearly $3 million) to ensure improved accessibility for persons with disabilities living in the metropolis. Making life easier for persons with disabilities by making the city more accessible is a top priority for the municipality, IRIB quoted deputy mayor for traffic and transport affairs Maziar Hosseini… Continue Reading »