QFC starts program for people with hearing disabilities

Middle East, December 10 2016

DOHA: The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority, in association with Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), have launched a special program to offer high school graduates with hearing disabilities tailored courses to prepare them for the workforce.

With the theme of ‘Give the hearing impaired community a voice – breaking down barriers for those living with hearing disabilities’, the program aims to ensure that students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing have equal access to and an equal opportunity in higher education programs and services to better equip them for life after graduation and ease their transition to the workforce, according to a press statement.

The course is set to run for nine weeks with students attending four weekly sessions for a duration of four hours each. Students will be presented with QFC and QFBA certificates at the completion of the course.

Fahad Zainal, adviser to the CEO’s office at the QFC Authority, said: “Entities that provide educational opportunities, other than public schools, colleges and universities, have a responsibility to make sure they are accessible to people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. We are proud to have launched this program specially dedicated to people with hearing disabilities and will continue to provide support and assistance for years to come.”

Abdulaziz al-Horr CEO at QFBA, noted: “Ultimately, our goal is make an impact on society, on its way to realising Qatar National Vision 2030, with a focus on its human and social development pillars. This program is a prime example of such efforts and a clear proof that everyone has the opportunity and potential to achieve excellence and tap into their capabilities, when they know how to overcome challenges and break barriers.”

Source: Gulf Times

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