Disability Access Audit on Marina beach

Asia-Pacific, News, November 30 2016

CHENNAI, INDIA: Disability rights activists, along with officials from the corporation and the traffic department, conducted an accessibility audit of the Marina beach on Tuesday. It is to be submitted to Greater Chennai Corporation.

Wheelchair Access SymbolAhead of World Disability Day, which fall on December 3, the civic body has promised to make Elliot’s beach and Marina beach accessible to people with disabilities. Temporary wooden pathway or coir mats from road, sand buggies, tactile pathways and signage are a few things under consideration. Temporary and permanent structural solutions will have to follow coastal zone regulations so that environment rules aren’t flouted.

“Parking spaces will be allotted for persons with disabilities,” said Smitha Sadasivan of DRA.

“Ramps to toilets and separate toilets that are big enough for wheelchairs will be worked out before December 3.”

The group will audit the beach in Besant Nagar next.

Source: Times of India

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