Banking smartphone app to aid people with vision disabilities in Thailand

Asia-Pacific, November 24 2016

BANGKOK: A man with vision disability uses a mobile app, designed specially for people with low vision by Beacon Interface, KBank’s new fintech subsidary. The bank received two awards at last week’s FinTech Festival 2016 in Singapore.

People with vision disabilities in Thailand will be able to take advantage of a new mobile app, developed by Kasikornbank (KBank), that will help them conduct financial transactions on their smartphones.

The country’s fourth-largest lender by assets plans to roll out the app by March next year after it recently generated praise for its mobile banking app, which has been designed specifically for people with vision disabilities.

KBank, through its fintech subsidiary Beacon Interface, received two awards at the FinTech Festival 2016 in Singapore last week. The global fintech competition was organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

KBank president Teeranun Srihong said the mobile app is especially designed for those with low vision and older people, helping them to easily and discreetly conduct financial transactions on their smartphones with simple and intuitive finger movements.

The app is designed to help them conduct those transactions with the same ease expected from those with normal vision.

“We want to promote equal access to financial services among all Thai people,” said Mr Teeranun.

He said their app could ease financial transactions for people with low vision, who number around 285 million globally.

In addition, it would support banking transactions for senior citizens whose numbers are surging in an ageing society, added Mr Teeranun.

The features and security system for the app will be just as strong as those for KBank’s mobile banking services and it will be available to all users.

People with vision disabilities can use the mobile app via touch screen together with voice and vibration systems.

With the non-location based interface technology, users do not need to look at the screen while conducting transactions, as multi-sensory feedback assists and directs users in every step of a transaction.

The app also provides greater convenience for people with normal vision who may wish to perform transactions without looking at the screen, he said.

KBank also services visually-impaired customers through both traditional channels and mobile banking channels. But the app will provide more convenience to this customer segment, added Mr Teeranun.

Source: bangkokpost

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