More than 6000 people with vision disabilities live in Armenia

Europe, November 19 2016

YEREVAN: More than 6000 people with vision disabilities are living in Armenia, 500 of whom are children, director of the #14 special school for children with vision disabilities Mr. Alexan Aharonyan told a press conference in ARMENPRESS.

“This one school for visually impaired children is operating in Armenia, where 100 children are learning – from Javakhk, Nagorno Karabakh and various provinces of Armenia. Children receive complete education in the school, all subjects are included in the program. A pre-school is also operating in the school under the decree of the minister”, Aharonyan said.

According to him, the main issue remains the Braille textbook matter.

Thanks to different organizations it was possible to publish some quantity, however it’s not enough.

The school is solving the issue with a Braille printer.

Alexan Aharonyan says one school in the country is not enough for the visually impaired.

Martin Sargsyan, vice president of the “Union of people with vision disabilities of Armenia” NGO says people who are blind or have low vision have problems being employed.

Previously they were employed in the production facilities of the union, however currently the production work with lesser capacity, therefore they are unable to employ many.

“Visually impaired people produce various products in the manufacturing facilities, however the Armenian market is small, and exporting is a problem. We hope membership to the EEU will open new prospects in terms of exports”, Sargsyan said.

Source: armenpress

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