Inspiring stories to mark disability month

Africa, November 14 2016

SOUTH AFRICA: As the country observes national disability month, SABC takes a look at some of the inspiring stories of triumph.

Walking is a physical activity often taken for granted. Photo: SABCWalking is a physical activity often taken for granted, but for William Mashigo a daily struggle.

He has had to learn to walk again. This after suffering a second debilitating stroke, which partially paralysed his left side affecting his speech.

In another case study a truck accident caused severe spinal injury to Sello Mokhachane leaving him wheel-chair bound.

Over the past three months he’s undergone intensive physio-therapy.

It is also not just about physical rehabilitation. Dr Virginia Wilson of Rehabilitation Medicine says: “When patients come here its soon after their injury or illness.  always says never lose hope, change is possible and rehab is the new stem cell.”


Source: SABC

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