Public buildings to comply with design standards in Ghana

Africa, November 7 2016

GHANA: The president, John Dramani Mahama says government has worked with the Ghana Standard Authority to finalise and standardise disability friendly designs to be complied with by Departments and Agencies when putting up future buildings to ensure access by Persons with Disabilities.

Ramp at Miyajima“Those designs are ready and are going to be given to the departments and agencies so that in future if they are putting up any buildings those are the designs” He said.

Speaking to the Morning Show Host of GBC Sunrise FM, Mohammed Zunurene in Koforidua on Tuesday during his campaign tour of the Eastern Region, President Mahama said the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities has been ratified and approved while the Marakesh Treaty has been sent to parliament for ratification. He said, the Treaty once passed, will ensure that all public works are translated into Braille to give people with vision disabilities access to as many public documents as possible.

Mr. Mahama said existing buildings that are not accessible  will need to be identified so that ramps are provided. He advised that institutions with such buildings should ensure that their receptions, for instance, are located at the ground floor to make them easily accessible by persons with disabilities.

Reiterating his government’s commitment to improving the lives of persons with disabilities, President Mahama said a total of about 50000 PWDs are currently benefiting from the Livelihoods Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) programme while there are plans to target more in future.

He said, the District Assembly Common Fund component for PWDs has been increased by 100% in this year’s budget whereas about 4000 persons with disabilities have been registered on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) free of charge, among other interventions.

About ten percent of Ghana’s population (little over 2 million) is persons with disabilities.

Source: modernghana

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