ICT courses for people with autism to be organized in Armenia

Europe, October 1 2016

First-ever ICT courses for people with autism will be organized in Armenia, Vice President and Deputy CEO of Technology & Science Dynamics (TSD) Levon Galstyan told reporters on September 23.

Kid with vision disability using the device to learn Braille. Photo: EPSThe TSD and the charity organization New Technology Education Fund have teamed up with the Autism National Fund to implement the project Technologies without Borders which helps persons diagnosed with autism discover new professional opportunities.

According to Galstyan, the project will ensure market competitiveness of the participants and further help them in the recruitment process particularly in Armenia’s ICT organizations.

“Persons with disabilities have always been in the spotlight of our activity, some of them currently work in our organization. This project targets people above 15,” Galstayn said.

TSD Founding Director Vahan Shakaryan expressed hope that the initiative will encourage Armenia-based IT and other companies to organize trainings for people with disabilities, also providing them with jobs afterwards.

Source: panarmenian

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