Seminar on learning disabilities and inclusive education

Asia-Pacific, Misc., September 23 2016

CHANDIGARH, INDIA: A seminar on learning disability and inclusive education was organized for government school teachers of Chandigarh administration and St. John’s High School with an aim to promote inclusive education. An overview of inclusive education was provided and other issues including various facilities provided by the government for students with disabilities was discussed. Teachers were also trained to identify students with learning disabilities and were equipped with strategies to teach them in a regular classroom setting. Classroom adaptations and modifications were also discussed to include such students in the mainstream.

The resource person was former consultant for inclusive rducation Amrit Kaur who is currently working in the field of learning disabilities. “Schools have to be sensitive about the disability of learners with disabilities and feel that such students face difficulty in coping up with regular classroom teaching. They need special attention and a different pattern of teaching for which teachers need to be made aware of and trained. Certain subject matter modifications also need to be made,” she said. The seminar was organized by St John’s High School, Sector 26.

Source: Times of India

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