White House showcases inclusive design, assistive technology and prosthetics

Americas, September 19 2016

The White House hosted a Design For All Showcase that celebrated inclusive design, assistive technology, and prosthetics by recognizing the work and experiences of designers, engineers, models, and companies striving to help people live happier, healthier lives on September 15

The rise of the maker movement and the democratization of low-cost tools and technologies for design and fabrication are empowering individuals including students, parents, engineers, designers, and manufacturers to create custom assistive technologies and inclusive fashion. At the same time, high-tech innovation is allowing for the creation of prosthetics and other assistive technology, like a mind-controlled prosthetic limb that seems like content for science fiction.  These many different types of assistive technology and adaptive equipment create greater opportunity for people with disabilities to live independently and participate in the classroom, workplace and in their communities, from a low-tech magnifying glass to a high-tech motorized wheelchair.

The event recognized people creating and using innovative technology and design to break down barriers, reduce stigma, and improve the quality of life for Americans with disabilities.

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